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Welcome to Micro Joby

Microjoby.com is a Dynamic Online Platform for Employers, Entrepreneurs to Hire Top rated Freelancers and Professionals to get more work done spending less. Job matching done even at a micro level on a diverse range of affordable services at instant payment. Collaborate easily with experts spread across the globe to get all your work done in no time. Hire Top Talent across the Globe on our platform. Freelancers and Professionals can Post Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the world. Every individual is unique, talented and has something great to offer, here can showcase their talents, offer jobs they are best at, to the entire world.

How Does it Work:

(1) The Buyer (Job giver / Employer / Entrepreneurs / Individuals) - who are seeking to get any short-term or contract work done by professionals.

(2) The Seller (Job taker / Freelancer / Professionals) – who are looking to monetize their skills, talent and earn money by working with real clients across the globe.

(3) MicroJoby (The Platform) – Where the work is both ordered, delivered and payment is executed with trust, protecting both the buyer and the seller. When buyer orders a job or service posted by a seller (i.e. mJob / microJob), the payment comes to us, stays on hold and released after successful delivery/buyer satisfaction).

Our Mission & Vision:

We understand the challenges faced by both freelancers and clients around the globe to get their job done. So we offer a borderless online platform to collaborate Thousands of Small businesses & Freelancers to get their Job done starting from the micro level. Bringing together the world of opportunities to grow.

  • Freelancers showcasing their skills and talent to the world and earning from their services offered. Provide the flexibility & platform to Freelancers in finding the work relevant to their skills and get rewarded accordingly for their awesome service.

  • Clients get to choose from a diverse range of affordable services by professionals across the globe at an instant payment. Find freelancers for their exact work with ease and be able to communicate, collaborate and reward freelancer easily in a hassle free way.